Inform the Appropriate Analyst When A Customer Has Updated His Incident

by Lars Stein, on March 19 2010 | in Accessibility | 0 Comments

Often when an incident is generated with the Exchange Connector, it needs some important details that the client forgot to put in his/ her email. The analyst will therefore employ the Send email task that was presented together with the Exchanger Connector to ask for more data. Due to lack of information, the analyst cannot begin operating with the incident. As a result, it is vital to inform the analyst when the client has restructured the incident with the necessary information so he or she can start working with it.

To do this,we will start creating a workflow that will generate on the incident status, and send an email to the delegated analyst once it transforms from one value to another.

  1. First, you should create some incident templates. One of which will be put on when the analysts use the Send Email task, and the other will be used on one occasion when the incident is updated by the Exchange Connector.

    » Navigate to Library » Templates in the SCSM console.

  2. Click the Create template task and enter the data required. Press Ok on the template form and it will be displayed.

  3. The thing we want to construct in this template is the incident status. It could be done by using the task "Change Incident Status" and select an incident status. It will be a good plan to use a custom status if you have additional workflows tied to Pending.

  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 again but make a template that sets the status to Active

  5. You should have two templates to utilize when the different workflows are generated. Then, edit all your workflows connected to the Send Email task that requires input from the client.

  6. Every time you use a Send Email that is particular to this workflow, it will propel the notification/request to the customer ,however it will also update the status of the incident to Pending.

  7. Create a Notification template to utilize when the client has updated the incident.

  8. Lastly, create a workflow that will inform the assigned analyst every time the incident status changes from Pending to Active.

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