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by Shane Mclachlan, on March 19 2010 | in Accessibility | 0 Comments

In a prior post by my co-worker, Tim, He showed off our new Performance Widget and elaborated how to configure it. Keeping-up with our strings of posts on Dashboards and Widgets in System Center Operations manager 2012, today, I aim on giving emphasis on configuring the latest Alert Widget.

Adding an Alert Widget to a Dashboard

Step 1: In a blank dashboard cell, click on the "Click to add widget" link. This now opens the New Dashboard and Widget Wizard.

Step 2: Now you are given a variety of the available widgets. Choose Alert Widgets and click Next.

Step 3: Once you gave your widget a name and a description, you can select a group or object to display alerts. This allows you to change the extent of objects for you to receive alerts. If you want to target a specific object within a group of class, the "Groups and Objects" option enables you to do so, while the "Groups" option allows you to view alerts for all objects within the group you prefer.

Step 4: You can identify the criteria for the alerts you will receive. You may prefer the Severity, Priority, and Resolution State of the alerts.

Step 5: Lastly, choose the columns to display for each alert. You can also determine how the alerts are varied by default as well as how they are grouped.

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